The Single Best Way To Burn Body Fat

By Rodney Reid


But there is only one form of exercise which burns fat and builds leans muscle two or three times faster than these other forms of exercise and sheds the pounds at the same time.

What is this form of exercise I hear you ask?

Well the answer is weight training of resistance training.

The reason weight training is so effective is that if performed correctly it targets all the major muscle groups at once and raises your metabolic so dramatically that your body continues to burn fat up to 48 hours after your last session.

It is also a fact that lean muscle needs more fuel than normal body tissue which means you can consume more calories and not put on extras poundage.

Apart from the added strength you will gain from resistance exercises your flexibility will increase and it can also aid in reducing blood pressure and prevent diabetes.

Studies have also shown that if you perform the correct full body routines with small rest periods you also get the added benefit of a cardio workout thus working the heart and lungs as well.

I discovered the benefits of weight training 20 years ago and I urge you to do the same no matter about your age or sex doesn’t matter.

I’m nearing the big 50 in age and still going strong.

It is important to start slowly then build you strength up over a few months.

After you lose the pounds you can then start to shape up your new lean physique by targeting the areas you fell are not strong enough.

Another tip to burning fat even faster is to pay special attention to the legs when you first start.

The reason being since your legs are the biggest muscle group in your body and muscle burns fat, then it stands to reason that if you build up the muscles in the legs it will burn fat even faster.

New research also shows it can also help fight free radicals, the loose atoms responsible for the aging process.

Another benefit for women is that training with weights helps keep your bones strong and prevent Osteoporosis later in life.

So come on people pick up the weights and watch the fat burn baby burn.

You won’t regret it.

Find out the correct way to use resistance training to burn fat and build lean muscle fast.
The natural way.

Fat Burning Solution

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